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hemal Jhaveri

Lone tree, Colorado

Bio of Hemal Jhaveri

  1.  Hemal Jhaveri was born in Mumbai, India and came to Denver, Colorado to pursue a B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Denver in December 1982. He graduated with his B.S. in 1986 and got a full-time job (his first) at the University of Denver as a Database Analyst. He also enrolled in the Master’s program (CIS) and graduated in 1987. That is when he decided to stay in Denver and make it his home.  He got married in 1989 and is a father to 2 beautiful daughters.        
  1.  In July 1996, he decided to open his own IT consulting services firm – SofTec Solutions. On day one, he was the only billable employee and his first contract was with Total Petroleum as an acting Chief Information Officer.  Day two, he added 2 employees. SofTec’s primary focus has been working with Enterprise based solutions as well as IT staffing solution.             

 charities and civic organizations             

  1. Lone tree man Hemal Jhaveri and his company are also dedicated to continuously setting new standards of giving by contributing significant time and financial resources to a number of charities and civic organizations - among a few are OpenWorld Learning, Volunteers of America, St. Baldrick's Foundation, Every Child Reading. Consistent with his commitment to giving back, he personally contributes to a variety of philanthropic organizations and has donated significant amounts to needy enterprises all over the world.             

15 Décembre 2017


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